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Why choose to work with me?

Teaching Philosophy

As your voice teacher, my role is to help guide you in the discovery of the joys of singing and working with your unique instrument. 

I take a multi-faceted approach to teaching voice. No matter your skill level, I will tailor my approach to meet you where you are and serve your individual needs. 

Whether you've been singing for years or are just beginning your artistic journey, I am here to share my knowledge with you as we work together to develop your musicianship skills. 

Mission Statement

The mission of the Darnell Music Studio is to empower musicians in the discovery and development of their unique artistry through the imparting of knowledge and the instilling of confidence in a safe, inclusive, and joyful environment.

The DMS Difference

other studios have a one-size-fits all approach. they try to change you, to make you conform to some arbitrary "standard." they use a cookie cutter method to churn out carbon copies. they say their way is the only way, the "right" way. they restrict which genres you can and can't sing. they say only certain people can sing certain songs.

that's not what we do here. 

we don't gatekeep. we share. we empower. we don't try to stuff you into a box. we celebrate your unique artistry. we meet you exactly where you are and tailor your lessons to your individual needs. 

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